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Strategic Plan
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Effective January 11, 2014

The Georgia School Counselor Association represents, promotes, and enhances professional school counseling in Georgia to create improved outcomes for all students.

Big Audacious Goal

GSCA is essential in improving student academic, career and social/emotional development

Shared Values

Integrity, Stewardship/Accountability, Collaboration, Dedication, Transparency, and Professionalism

Vivid Descriptions of the Future

As GSCA implements its strategic plan and achieves its big audacious goal, it will create a future in which school counselors are funded appropriately, and Georgia’s ratio level is at or below the national recommendation. This will result in an elevated respect for the profession, and the news media will see GSCA members as the leading experts in the profession. School counselors will be asked by school administrators to be engaged in strategic conversations related to all student issues, and they will value their perspective. Furthermore, school leadership will value counselors in such a way that they are no longer asked to perform non-counseling duties as part of their job, which will result in increased time spent with students.

As an organization, GSCA will be recognized as a national leader, and the association’s professional development programs will set the industry standard. This will translate into growth in membership and increased value for members and for the profession as a whole. And there will be increased interest in members seeking leadership positions.

Students will be positively affected as well. All Georgia schools will have a comprehensive school counseling program. Graduation rates will be higher. Drop-out rates will decrease. Standardized test scores will increase about the national standard. Georgia students will achieve higher college entrance and completion rates. And there will be increased support and accessibility for mental health services.


By achieving the following goals, GSCA will begin to experience its envisioned future and move closer to accomplishing its big audacious goal.

Goal Area #1 – Advocacy

There is increased funding for school counseling, and all Georgia schools have a comprehensive school counseling program.

  • Develop an advocacy team
  • Develop an advocacy workshop that is conducted outside of the annual conference designed to teach members tools with which to advocate
  • Develop a plan to promote increased funding for school counseling at a level which would provide for ratios at or below the national recommendation
  • Develop a plan to promote all Georgia schools having a comprehensive school counseling program
    • Develop an educational campaign for policy makers and legislators
    • Develop an educational program for counselors and administrators focusing on the need for and benefits of a comprehensive school counseling program and how to create a program
Goal Area #2 – Outreach

GSCA membership is seen as essential to success by school counselors. There is an increased awareness of the positive impact of the profession.

  • Build a nonmember database
  • Develop a written nonmember marketing plan
  • Develop a written media plan
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to promote National School Counselor Week
  • Create teams to help build support for school counseling in rural school districts
  • Engage association leadership in regional meetings to tell the GSCA story
  • University Relations (Faculty & Students) & Recent Grads
    • Build a more effective student liaison program, possibly creating teams of students, faculty and practicing counselors
    • Conduct a roundtable discussion with representatives from each school counseling graduate program in Georgia to better understand needs
    • Engage GSCA leadership in university programs that highlight the role of school counselors
Goal Area #3 – Elevate the Profession

The profession of school counseling is growing in respect among students, parents, administrators and school board members. School counseling is seen as essential.

  • Create an administrator award
  • Develop a media outreach plan to recognize award winners
  • Develop RAMP process advisors
  • Develop an educational campaign to help school boards better understand the impact and importance of school counseling
  • Create a list of conferences that school administrators attend and submit proposals for GSCA to speak at them
Goal Area #4 – Leadership Development

GSCA is the preferred organization for school counselors’ leadership development.

  • Develop a leadership training program
  • Conduct an annual planning, leadership and governance retreat
Goal Area #5 – Organizational Structure

GSCA is a nimble and strategic organization.

  • Review and develop written job descriptions for GSCA leadership positions
  • Conduct a communications audit
  • Develop guidelines for selecting the leadership team
  • Evaluate board, committee, council and governance structure
  • Review awards program and consider creating an emerging leader award
Goal Area #6 – Education

GSCA educational programs set the industry standard.

  • Review educational offerings
  • Evaluate the virtual sharing center and consider opening part or all of it to nonmembers
  • Develop a training program on how to implement performance evaluation
Revision History
  • Drafted October 12, 2013
  • Approved January 11, 2014
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